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A Guide to Receiving Holy Communion Online

As a fully online congregation, we continually seek creative and meaningful ways to worship, be connected with one another, and serve our communities. We understand that the Sacraments are a communal activity. They are designed to be celebrated at an open table in the presence of the gathered assembly of a local congregation. And yet, the very nature of our movement prevents us from living this practice, as experienced by our fellow Christians who physically gather under one roof on Sunday mornings.

While we do not stream our service of Holy Communion as a part of our worship, we offer opportunities for our community to share together in this vital part of our faith. What follows is a simple guide developed by a sister congregation in the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church on how a church member could set up space in their home, have those elements consecrated by their pastor online, administer and receive the elements, and dispose of them properly afterward.

As United Methodists, we believe all are welcome at God’s Table. Our communion liturgy begins with words spoken on Jesus’ behalf, inviting “all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another.” We pray this statement describes all who come to Christ’s Table to partake in this Holy mystery.

What type of elements are acceptable?

If, at all possible, use bread and grape juice.The type of bread doesn’tmatter (i.e. sandwich bread, wheat bread, buns, pita, flatbread, etc.). In place of bread a cracker would be an acceptable substitute.

Are there items we shouldn’t use?

How should we set up Holy Communion?

How do we administer and receive the elements?

What do we say as we share the elements?

What if I don’t have those elements available or don’t want to participate?

What do we do with leftovers?

Keep in mind

Holy Communion is a sacred moment and God has invited us to the Table, and it might be less important whether the Table of the Lord is in the church building or in your own home. If you’d like to read further about our United Methodist understanding of Holy Communion, visit about-holy-communion-in-the-united-methodist-church.

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