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Acts Continues: The Boundless Work of the Spirit - Participant Guide

We are starting the journey through the Book of Acts. Your Discipleship Guide will be the Participant Guide, which is attached below.

Acts Continues: The Boundless Work of the Spirit


Welcome to “Acts Continues: The Boundless Work of the Spirit.” Over the next seven weeks, we invite you to join us in an enriching journey through the entire Book of Acts. This exploration isn’t just about reading; it’s about growing in understanding of the profound themes within the text and being formed by the wisdom the Holy Spirit seeks to impart to us.

As United Methodists we believe the living core of our Christian faith is “revealed in Scripture, illumined by tradition, vivified in personal experience, and confirmed by reason.”1 This study draws on a diversity of perspectives, voices, and resources to help you have a deeper encounter with the “sound of the genuine.”2 The late Bishop Rueben Job reminds us, “We are not left on our own to learn how to pray or how to discern God’s will; our Companion, the Holy Spirit, is our teacher and guide as we learn how to live more faithfully and fully in relationship with God.”3

Our study is structured to provide a manageable and immersive experience. Each week, you will be presented with daily Scripture readings and additional resources to augment your journey. These additional resources will provide you with opportunities to deepen your understanding and spiritual connection. These include:

  • Written Essay: Weekly thought-provoking insights to complement your reading.

  • Visio Divina: A contemplative practice using visual art to help focus and deepen your reflection.

  • Suggested Spiritual Discipline: An activity to help you connect more deeply with voice of the Spirit.

  • John Wesley Sermons: Deep theological insights and practical guidance for the people called Methodists.

  • Charles Wesley Hymns: Lyrical expressions of our Wesleyan faith that resonate with the themes of Acts.

  • Activities for Young Children: Engaging resources to involve the younger members of our community in this spiritual journey.

We understand everyone’s journey is unique, so feel free to engage with these activities as you feel led. Whether you immerse yourself in all these offerings or choose to focus on one, your participation in this journey is a valuable part of our collective exploration.

If you already engage in a daily practice of Scripture reading and prayer, we encourage you to integrate these resources to enhance and enrich your existing routine. Alternatively, if you are yet to establish a daily spiritual practice, consider this an inviting opportunity to develop a life-giving habit that can significantly deepen and expand your faith journey.

The pattern below can be a model for you to start you daily practice. For a more in-depth guide, visit www.prayonpurpose. com.

  • Begin With Prayery

  • Read & Reflect on the Scripture

  • Put Your Own Thoughts on Paper

  • Read the Weekly Reflection

  • Engage with Other Resource

  • Share Your Thoughts

  • Close In Prayer

“Prayer is not bending God to my will, but it is a bringing of my will into conformity with God’s will, so that his will may work in and through me.”4

1 United Methodist Church. The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2016 (p. 142). The United Methodist Publishing House.

2 “The Sound of the Genuine” is a profound concept championed by theologian Howard Thurman, which underscores the presence of the Divine voice within us all. It calls for stillness to hear this inner whisper that unveils our true self and steers us toward our life’s authentic journey. Thurman eloquently presented this idea in his 1980 speech at the Spelman College Baccalaureate ceremony.

3 Job, Rueben P.. Listen: Praying in a Noisy World (pp. 12-13). Abingdon Press. Kindle Edition.4 Jones, E. Stanley. How to Pray (p. 5). Ravenio Books. Kindle Edition.

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