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Call to Justice Discipleship Guide

Discipleship Guide

Our Call to Justice

Rev. Dr. Erin Beasley



Pastor Erin’s sermon explores the multifaceted concept of justice, rooted in biblical narratives and exemplified through various individuals, including Jesus and John Wesley. Justice entails fairness, compassion, and advocacy for the marginalized, reflecting God's character and calling for personal integrity and relational engagement. It highlights the importance of building genuine connections, as demonstrated through the story of Sarah and John, where simple acts of compassion lead to transformative relationships. John Wesley and the early Methodists are praised for their social activism, addressing issues like poverty, prison reform, and slavery. The text challenges contemporary Methodists to recommit to justice work, considering pressing societal issues and the historical legacy of the Methodist Church, urging a return to embodying justice in personal and communal actions.


Questions for Reflection



1.    How does the portrayal of justice in biblical narratives, such as the stories of Moses, Esther, and Jesus, inform our understanding of justice today?


2.    In what ways does the narrative of Sarah and John on the city street corner illustrate the relational aspect of justice and its transformative potential?


3.    Reflecting on the current societal issues highlighted in the text, what role do you think religious institutions, particularly the Methodist Church, should play in advocating for justice and addressing these challenges?


4.    The text concludes with a call to recommit to justice work. How can individuals and communities practically embody justice in their everyday lives, both within and outside religious contexts?


5.    How can the principles of justice, as exemplified by Jesus, John Wesley, and other historical figures, guide your personal Lenten journey towards deeper spiritual reflection and transformative action in your community?

Discipleship Guide-Our Call to Justice-Lizzie 2.18.24
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