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Communion-Discipleship Guide

A Taste of Grace

Today’s sermon explores the significance of Communion as a transformative practice, emphasizing John Wesley's concept of "prevenient grace." It vividly describes the Communion experience, portraying ordinary elements turning into symbols of God's grace. The participatory nature of Communion is highlighted, offering believers a real encounter with Jesus. 

The Lord's Supper is presented as a celebration of unity and spiritual nourishment, echoing the five means of grace outlined by Elaine Heath. These movements—taken, blessed, broken, and given—illustrate intentional gathering, transformative work, shared challenges, and an outward mission for communities of faith. 

The sermon concludes by advocating for an "open table," welcoming all people, and encouraging believers to embody God's love and grace in the world as a manifestation of God's power and presence. The experience of grace in Communion is portrayed as a beginning, motivating believers to contribute to healing, reconciliation, justice, and advocacy beyond their faith community.

Questions for Reflection

  1. How does the act of Communion, as described in the scripture, serve as a tangible reminder of Christ's sacrifice on the cross?

  1. In John Wesley's concept of "prevenient grace," how does the idea that God's grace goes before us shape the understanding of Communion and its transformative power?

  1. Reflect on the participatory nature of the Lord's Supper. How does actively engaging with the divine at the Communion table contribute to the transformative experience of God's grace?

  1. Consider the imagery of the table as a place where believers can have a real encounter with Jesus. How does this visualization impact your understanding of Communion as a sacred and life-altering practice?

  1. Explore the concept of the "open table" and the inclusive invitation to all. How can communities of faith nurture and advocate for an open table, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or beliefs, feel welcomed and experience God's loving embrace during Communion?

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