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Discipleship Guide: Acts Week 4

Updated: May 28

Week 4:  Changed Lives - Stories of Transformation

Description: In the fourth week of our series, we focus on the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in individual lives, exemplified in stories like that of the Apostle Paul and the jailer at Philippi. How can we support individuals who are seeking renewal and transformation? What stories of transformation can we share from our communities?

Daily Reading Schedule:

Day 1: Acts 10:24-48 (Peter and Cornelius)Day 2: Acts 11:1-30 (Expansion to Antioch)Day 3: Acts 12:1-25 (James’ Death and Peter’s Escape)Day 4: Acts 13:1-25 (Paul’s First Missionary Journey, Part 1)Day 5: Acts 13:26-52 (Paul’s First Missionary Journey, Part 2) y Day 6: Acts 14:1-28 (End of First Missionary Journey, Part 3) y Day 7: Reflect and rest.

Daily Reading Questions

1.     How does the Holy Spirit guide personal and communal transformation?

2.     What challenges to transformation are present?

3.     How do the believers in these chapters deal with opposition?

4.     What is the role of Scripture in the narrative?

5.     How does the early church respond to signs and wonders?

6.     How do you see the Holy Spirit orchestrating events and interactions?


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