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Discipleship Guide: Acts Week 5

Unity Amidst the Storms

Description: This week, we look at how the early church went beyond its comfort zones through the Holy Spirit’s work in expanding the church. How can we break barriers and open our hearts to a diverse array of people, just as the early church began to include Gentiles, eunuchs, and other ‘outsiders’ under the guidance of the Spirit?

Daily Reading Schedule:

Day 1: Acts 15:1-21 (Jerusalem Council, Part 1)

Day 2: Acts 15:22-41 (Jerusalem Council, Part 2)

Day 3: Acts 16:1-15 (Second Missionary Journey Begins)

Day 4: Acts 16:16-40 (Paul and Silas in Prison)

Day 5: Acts 17:1-15 (Paul in Thessalonica and Berea)

Day 6: Acts 17:16-34 (Paul in Athens)

Day 7: Reflect and rest.

Daily Reading Questions

·      What are the essentials of faith emphasized in these chapters?

·      How does the early church navigate disagreements and maintain unity?

·      What is the role of discernment in making communal decisions?

·      How are leaders chosen and commissioned?

·      How does the early church balance evangelism and social responsibility?

·      What challenges and victories do Paul and Barnabas experience in their missionary journey?

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