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Discipleship Guide: Acts Week 6

Description: This week, we explore the Book of Acts not as a closed narrative but as an ongoing story in which we are the ‘actors.’ We are invited to reflect on our roles in this divine drama—how do we, in our daily lives, embody the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit? How do we contribute to this narrative, and how can we embrace the call to advance the work of the Spirit in the world?

Daily Reading Schedule:

Day 1: Acts 18:1-28 (Paul in Corinth and Ephesus)

Day 2: Acts 19:1-22 (Ephesus and the Holy Spirit)

Day 3: Acts 19:23-41 (Riot in Ephesus)Day 4: Acts 20:1-16 (Journeys and Eutychus)

Day 5: Acts 20:17-38 (Paul’s Farewell)Day 6: Acts 21:1-17 (Paul’s journey to Jerusalem)

Day 7: Reflect and rest.


Daily Reading Questions

·      How may you find encouragement in Paul’s life and challenging circumstances?

·      What can we learn from the challenges faced by the Early Church as we seek to be resilient?

·      How have felt hindered in sharing your faith? What hindered you? How did you overcame it?

·      How reading the Book of Acts in its entirety affect your view of the Church and its mission?

·      How have your views on the Holy Spirit changed or deepened after this reading plan?

·      If you could sum up the overall message of Acts in one sentence, what would it be?


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