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Discipleship Guide James - Week 3

Discipleship Guide James - Week 3 - Altogether Now


Law and Christ call us to the high act of loving God with everything we have and to love others as we love ourself - just as God loves us.



1.    In our world, we all try to earn the best living we can, be independent, many of us striving towards amassing a decent amount of discretionary income. According to James is being wealthy a sin? How can we reconcile abundance with the poverty around us?

2.   In the Greek language the meaning of the word "partiality" means to judge others due to outward appearance and worldly accomplishment as opposed to seeing Jesus within even the poorest of person without showing favoritism or partiality for those most like us. How are ways we can can find the child of God to love within "the other."

3.   John Wesley described those that had a "living faith" as Altogether Christians as opposed to Almost Christians, a person with only head knowledge of a man named Jesus. How can we, today, find ways to encounter the reality of a transformational Savior and share him with others that includes the love of God and the power of the Spirit.

4.   "Loving your neighbor as yourself can require an examination of our self-love. What are the extremes ends of the spectrum of self love and how do we find a balance that can be given to others? 

5.    What daily practices can you incorporate into your life that will draw you closer to loving like Jesus and being an altogether Christian?


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