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Discipleship Guide - Justice and Jesus

Discipleship Guide – Week 3 Justice and Jesus


This week, Pastor Sean focused on justice and Jesus.  The scripture passage was from Matthew 23:23-36 where Jesus is talking to the religious leaders.  The religious leaders were focused on external matters and not the heart of how people change.  Justice looks at how a person’s life can be transformed and doesn’t ignore those in the margins.  They were misrepresenting God’s will for people and leading people away from God and Jesus was focused on drawing people closer to God.  Jesus shows several clear examples of justice by serving those in the margins.  Jesus would lepers by touching them, talking with people from other regions, and having conversations with women openly.  All these things and more were not according to the law as so instructed by the Pharisees.  What Jesus does is show us a better way of living out a life of justice in this world today.



1)    How does the church often miss being the place of justice in this world for people in the margins? Explain.


2)    What are you doing to live a life of justice as the example set by Jesus in this world?  Explain.


3)    How have we focused on the church's order, methodology, or legalism instead of ensuring that those who have lost their faith or are without faith are found? What about those who are discriminated against every single day, people worried about eating every day, or people who do not have shelter? Explain.


4)    What are some things the church is doing in this world to ensure justice is happening? Explain.


5)    What other stories of Jesus can you recall that Jesus was an example of a life of justice?

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