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Don't Go At It Alone

Embarking on an apprenticeship with Jesus invites us into a profound transformation akin to the one described by Bishop McAlilly in his relationship with Dr. James N. Thompson. This transformative process involves internalizing the essence of Jesus' identity, His intimate connection with the Father, and His mission in the world.

As apprentices, we must first claim our identity as God's beloved, revealed in our baptism. This identity becomes the cornerstone of our discipleship, grounding us in Christ's love and commissioning us for His work.

Intimacy with God is the next pillar of our apprenticeship. Jesus' prayer in Matthew 11:25-27 exemplifies a deep, filial relationship with God, something we are called to emulate. By acknowledging God’s sovereignty and embracing childlike faith, we open ourselves to divine revelation and wisdom.

Dependence on God is a crucial lesson in our apprenticeship. Like Jesus, we are to rely not on our own understanding but on the guidance and strength provided by our Heavenly Father. This surrender leads to a life marked by divine power and grace.

Reciprocated love is the natural outflow of our relationship with God. As we receive God's love, we are compelled to love others, embodying the Great Commandment in our lives.

Finally, obedience and sentness define the trajectory of our journey with Jesus. Obedience to God's will and being sent into the world to share the Gospel are the hallmarks of a disciple. We must be willing to take up our cross, follow Jesus, and be His hands and feet in a world desperate for His touch.

As we draw closer to Jesus, let us embrace the yoke He offers—a yoke that is kind and light, easing our burdens and empowering us to carry the load with His gentle strength.


  • How does your baptismal identity as a beloved child of God influence your daily life and decisions?

  • In what ways can you cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, similar to the relationship between Jesus and the Father?

  • Reflect on an area of your life where you rely on your own strength instead of God's. How can you shift towards a posture of dependence on God?

  • How does your understanding of God's love for you inspire you to love and serve others in your community?

  • How does Jesus’ example of obedience to God's will challenge your own walk of faith? In what ways do you feel 'sent' to serve and witness in your own conte

Discipleship Guide — Bishop's Sermon
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