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Lessons from Luke - Week 4 - Discipleship Guide

Week 4: The Journey to Jerusalem


The final week explores Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, culminating in the events that define Christian faith. Participants will engage with the challenges of discipleship, the realities of Jesus’ final days, and the triumph of the resurrection.

Daily Readings for Week 4:

●      Monday (April 22): Luke 19

●      Tuesday (April 23): Luke 20

●      Wednesday (April 24): Luke 21

●      Thursday (April 25): Luke 22

●      Friday (April 26): Luke 23

●      Saturday (April 27): Luke 24

Reflection Questions for Week 4:

  1. Reflect on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the cleansing of the temple. What do these actions reveal about His mission?

  2. Analyze Jesus’ teachings and parables in the context of Jerusalem. How do they address authority, truth, and hypocrisy?

  3. Consider the Olivet Discourse. What does Jesus say about endurance, watchfulness, and faithfulness?

  4. Examine the Last Supper. How does this event shape our understanding of community and remembrance?

  5. Reflect on the trials, crucifixion, and burial of Jesus. What do these events teach us about suffering, sacrifice, and hope?

  6. In the story of the resurrection, how is our understanding of Jesus and His mission transformed? How does this impact our lives today?

Week 4- Luke - Discipleship Guide
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