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Welcome to a journey of discovery and inspiration with The Vine and the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist Church (TWK)!


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We're thrilled to introduce "Acts Continued: The Boundless Work of the Spirit," a seven-week Bible Study and Sermon Series that seeks to rekindle your faith and deepen your understanding of the Holy Spirit's dynamic role in both the Early Church and our lives today.


Written in collaboration with clergy of TWK and produced by The Vine United Methodist Church, this series is more than just a study—it's an adventure into the heart of the Book of Acts. This isn't about revisiting a bygone era; it's about awakening to the truth that Acts is a vibrant, living narrative, continuing to unfold in and through us.


Each session in the series explores a distinct aspect of the Holy Spirit's influence in the life of the Early Church community. This series goes beyond theoretical discussions, offering substantive and practical approaches for both individual reflection and active community involvement.


Furthermore, our journey encompasses a comprehensive study of the entire Book of Acts. The sermons each week will correspond with specific chapters, providing a deep, contextual insight into the experiences of the early Christians under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


We invite you to engage not just in the reading of these sacred texts but also in their embodiment. As we progress, it will become evident that the work of the Holy Spirit is not a relic of the past but a vibrant force in our present lives, within our communities, and around the world.


So, are you ready to experience the transformative power of the Spirit in your life?


Join us on this excting journey, and let's embrace the boundless work of the Spirit, today and always.


The story of Acts continues, and you are a part of it. Let’s write the next chapter together!

Full Bible Study: Acts Continues The Boundless Work of the Spirit

    • Full print-ready Bible Study
    • Individual Files For:
      • Full Participant Guide
      • Weekly Reading Guide
      • Small Group Leaders Guide
      • Sermon Series Outline
      • High-Quality Visio Divina Art
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