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Week 5: God’s Love the Wesleyan Way Discipleship Guide

This week we had a great conversation with Elaine Heath the author of the book, “Five Means of Grace:  Experience God’s Love the Wesleyan Way.”  As you watch the conversation video you will hear more behind Elaine Heath are all aspects of the book.  Then take time to answer the questions below with your Branch Group.


1.    Elaine Heath says that one of the hardest things about silent prayer for most people is that it feels unproductive, like a waste of time.  And yet, she says, it is foundational to the contemplative life, to a life of peace and a life of service.  Why do you think being unproductive is so difficult for so many people? 

2.    What do you think about the connection Heath makes between silent prayer and peace?  What about silent prayer and service?    


3.    How would you define the word church?


4.    Can you describe a time when you encountered God's love and grace through Searching the Scriptures?


5.    How can the Scriptures help you connect with others?


6.    Elaine Heath talks about fasting as a way of preparing us for the mission of Christ in this world.  How do you see fasting as a way of preparation?


7.    Elaine Heath also talks about fasting as a way of leading us to a place of solidarity.  This is where we feel the hunger of others that also hunger in this world because they go without food daily.  How can being in this place of solidarity change our world and spiritual view?

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