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Lessons from Luke - Week 1 - Discipleship Guide

Daily Reading Plan for the Gospel of Luke

Week 1: Embracing the Marginalized


The first week sets the stage by introducing participants to Luke’s unique perspective on Jesus’ life, emphasizing the announcement and birth narratives that signal the breaking in of the divine into the margins of society. This week encourages participants to recognize and embrace the marginalized in their own communities.

Daily Readings for Week 1:

●      Monday (April 1): Luke 1

●      Tuesday (April 2): Luke 2

●      Wednesday (April 3): Luke 3

●      Thursday (April 4): Luke 4

●      Friday (April 5): Luke 5

●      Saturday (April 6): Luke 6

Reflection Questions for Week 1:

  1. Reflect on the unique individuals and groups mentioned in the birth narratives. How do they reflect God's concern for the marginalized?

  2. Consider John the Baptist's message. How does it prepare the way for Jesus' inclusive ministry?

  3. Analyze Jesus' rejection in Nazareth. What does this tell us about societal expectations and God’s kingdom?

  4. Reflect on the calling of the first disciples. How does Jesus' invitation challenge societal norms and personal expectations?

  5. Examine the Beatitudes in Luke. How do they redefine blessedness, and who is included in God’s kingdom?

  6. In reviewing the Sabbath controversies, what does Jesus’ stance reveal about law, love, and liberation?

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