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Lessons from Luke - Week 2 - Discipleship Guide

Week 2: Parables of Grace and Challenge


This week delves into the teachings of Jesus, focusing on the unique parables found in Luke. These stories, rich with grace and challenge, call for a deep, reflective understanding of God’s kingdom and our response to it.

Daily Readings for Week 2:

●      Monday (April 8): Luke 7

●      Tuesday (April 9): Luke 8

●      Wednesday (April 10): Luke 9

●      Thursday (April 11): Luke 10

●      Friday (April 12): Luke 11

●      Saturday (April 13): Luke 12

Reflection Questions for Week 2:

  1. Reflect on the centurion’s faith and the widow of Nain. How do these stories challenge traditional views of faith and community?

  2. Analyze the Parable of the Sower. What does this tell us about receiving and living out God's word?

  3. Consider the transfiguration and its implications. How does this event shape our understanding of Jesus’ mission?

  4. Examine the Good Samaritan parable. How does it redefine neighborly love and challenge us to act?

  5. Reflect on Jesus’ teaching on prayer. How does the Lord’s Prayer guide us in our daily lives and spiritual journey?

  6. In considering the teachings about anxiety and possessions, how can we live faithfully and trustingly in God’s provision?

Week 2- Luke - Discipleship Guide
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