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Lessons from Luke - Week 3 - Discipleship Guide

Week 3: Healing and Wholeness


The third week focuses on the numerous healing miracles recorded in Luke. These stories not only demonstrate Jesus’ power but also his compassion and the holistic approach to healing, addressing physical, social, and spiritual needs.

Daily Readings for Week 3:

●      Monday (April 15): Luke 13

●      Tuesday (April 16): Luke 14

●      Wednesday (April 17): Luke 15

●      Thursday (April 18): Luke 16

●      Friday (April 19): Luke 17

●      Saturday (April 20): Luke 18

Reflection Questions for Week 3:

  1. Reflect on the healing on the Sabbath. How does Jesus prioritize compassion over legalism?

  2. Consider the cost of discipleship in Luke 14. What does true commitment to Jesus’ way look like?

  3. Analyze the parables of the lost sheep, coin, and son. How do they illustrate God’s relentless love and grace?

  4. Examine the rich man and Lazarus. What does this parable teach about wealth, justice, and eternity?

  5. Reflect on the ten lepers and their response to healing. What does this say about gratitude and recognition of God’s work?

  6. In the story of the persistent widow, what does Jesus teach about prayer and faith?

Week 3- Luke - Discipleship Guide
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